Vote for me? (Soon!)

UPDATE: Voting has opened! Vote for me here!

UPDATE 2: Voting has ended.  Thank you all for your support – excited by my 9th place out of 20 – only 7 votes from the top 5!

By some miracle of the Internets, I got nominated for a seat on the NY Tech Meetup Board of Directors.   I figured, might as well embrace it.  Here is my campaign statement:

I am honored to be joining this esteemed group of nominees in running for the NYTM board and thank the New York Technology community for this opportunity.

My goal is both simple and complicated — to make New York the best place for technology firms and companies to open up shop and to continue to develop the talent pool that is growing here.  I am a veteran of the first Silicon Alley boom and bust, and remember when it wasn’t such a great place to find a job or start a company, and I’d love to make sure that we never get back there.

My platform is to focus on evangelizing the quality of technical education through non-profits, workspaces, workshops, along with credit-bearing courses at educational institutions across New York City.  Sharing and teaching the skills necessary to compete in today’s digital economy will help to foster and protect the community we have built, and give the next generation the opportunities they will need to change the world.  We all win when we are all influencers, leaders and teachers.

New York is the greatest city in the world, with the greatest people, and together we can work together to make a difference for ourselves, new members of the community, and the world at large through sharing our skills, minds and hearts.

Learn more about the NY Tech Meetup here, see the other candidates here, and be ready to vote for me starting on December 5 at 12:01a until 3pm ET on December 20, 2011.

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