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The candidate will be expected to conduct exploratory discovery and validation … Please fill in the following form to contact mariamrizkallah. The average salary for a Computational Biologist is $95,369 in Boston, MA. Find job openings from companies that are hiring now (and see if they fit you). Download Computational Biology Resume Sample as Image file, Scientist, Molecular Biology Resume Sample, Lead computational biology department working on algorithm development, statistical method development, data analysis, and pipeline development across multiple product lines, Articulate and execute on strategic plans for technology/infrastructure development in key technical areas, Engage with customers and external developers to encourage expansion of novel approaches to data analysis, resulting in a growing ecosystem of 10x’s products and their wider spread applications, Work with other departments to help develop efficient processes for product development as the company and product portfolio grows, Work closely with molecular biology and other groups to build out statistical methods and tools to drive assay and platform development for new products, Work closely with applications group to build out prototype methods demonstrating additional uses of data from 10x products, Work closely with software group to optimize systems and tools for both externally-facing software and internally-facing data analysis and exploration tools, Perform analysis of genetic, proteomic, and microbiome data generated from defined pre-disease cohorts to identify early molecular changes preceding disease development and generate predictive models of IBD risk, Analysis of multidimensional high content data sets, integration of these data sets with clinical metadata, and assessment of correlations across datasets to identify novel biomarkers, Design, characterize and optimize therapeutic candidate drugs through computational analysis of protein sequence and structure, computational protein design and engineering, Apply protein structure knowledge to predict and design biophysical properties, Develop innovative and robust analysis and computational biology tools that can be used by lab scientists, Develop and apply bioinformatics tools for advancing internal technology platforms for antibody discovery and antibody engineering and providing bioinformatics support, Work closely with laboratory scientists to develop novel therapeutic drug candidates, You work at the interface between the Computational Biology Group and BI`s Therapeutic Areas for Drug Discovery (Cardiometabolic Research, Central Nervous System Research, Inflammation & Respiratory Research, Immune Modulation & Research Beyond Borders), As Scientist you translate results from our bioinformatics pipelines (NGS mRNASeq, Target Reporting, Gene Prioritization, etc.) Computational Biologist; Deep Learning Data Scientist . To accomplish this goal, the candidate is expected to present his/her research at international conferences and to publish in high-impact, peer-reviewed journals, Supervise a small group of technicians and undergraduates, Collaborate and develop strong working relations with relevant ENIGMA teams on experimental design, data analysis, and long-term project planning, Present findings in conferences and peer-reviewed journals in addition to seeking out and acquiring extramural funding (including postdoctoral fellowships), Work with ENIGMA environmental microbiology team to isolate key microorganisms from field samples, PhD in Biology, Microbiology, Genetics, Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, or related field, Demonstrated experience in managing multiple projects and in corresponding with scientific collaborators, Demonstrated success in the publication of high-impact work in internationally recognized peer-reviewed journals, Strong organizational and record keeping skills, Effective interpersonal skills and demonstrated ability to work in a team environment with a diverse group of scientific and technical personnel, Demonstrated ability to acquire extramural funding, Experience in environmental microbiology or systems biology, Strong and proven abilities to use computation to advance knowledge and application of biology, Strong collaboration and communication skills, Move with speed- decisiveness and simplicity of process, Value diversity of thought in decision making- “The art of thinking independently together.”, Develop and execute molecular and structural bioinformatics-based projects focused on weed, disease and pest control, Drive innovative solutions to bottlenecks in our protein engineering workflow by designing statistically sound feeding assays and finding novel ways to incorporate structural and molecular bioinformatics models to suggest target sites for protein improvement, Use machine learning on large genomic and phenomic data sets to find novel pesticidal gene classes, Predict binding sites based on comparisons of pesticidal gene secondary structure and host-receptor binding assays, Determine which components of genetic networks are required to recapitulate a phenotype in a heterologous system, A PhD in bioinformatics, statistics, microbiology, genetics or a, Strong mastery of a subset of bioinformatics, machine learning or, A history of success as a driving force in research projects, Education/Experience: Bachelor's degree with 2-3 years’ experience or a Master's degree with 0-2 years’ experience or a PhD, Education/Experience: Master’s degree in the field of computational biology, microbiology, biochemistry, or engineering, or a related discipline with three years’ experience or PhD in the same fields, Experience in computational analysis and modeling of high-throughput data for systems biology projects, Experience with laboratory techniques for high-throughput data analysis, microbiology, and or molecular biology, Experience with programming languages (R, Python, and/or C), Depth and breadth of knowledge in host and pathogen biology and interactions, Experience on highly collaborative interdisciplinary teams, Write python code for pipeline automation, Perform bioinformatics tasks (including sequence based analysis and annotations), Candidate must be currently enrolled in, or recently completed degree in Bioinformatics, Biostatistics, Computational Biology, or a related field, Experience in handling protein sequence and small molecule data, Computer programming skills, such as Python is required, Experience with other programming languages like Java & R, and experience with machine learning packages is highly desirable, Active participation as a core team member in the Protein Homeostasis TCoE and RIKU Research Analytics group, Develop and apply leading-edge computational analysis and biological interpretation approaches to leverage internal, public and partner datasets and empower data-driven decisions across compound development programs, Multi-disciplinary collaboration to investigate compound and disease properties, influence decision making across the early development of novel therapies, and leverage disease stratification efforts to accelerate patient selection hypotheses ahead of clinical application, Integrate data across assay platforms and transfer knowledge from pre-clinical experiments to clinical trials, Author scientific reports, and present methods, results and conclusions presented to publishable standard, Ph.D. in computational biology, bioinformatics, or related field from a recognized higher-education establishment, 6+ years experience applying quantitative approaches to solve biological problems in university, hospital, pharma or biotech research environments, Experience in computational biology research on a wide variety of cell and molecular profiling platforms, with considerable depth of experience in MS proteomics data analysis, Expertise in algorithmic implementation, statistical programming and data manipulation, using e.g. ▪ Specialization: Open Source Technologies ▪ Graduation Project: PharmacoMicrobiomics Database Bachelor of Science, Faculty of Pharmacy, Cairo University (FOPCU) , Egypt, September, 2004—May, 2010 The Transcription and Chromatin Regulation Laboratoryis recruiting a talented and motivated Research Fellow in computational biology or data analytics who is interested in developing machine learning approachesto study the changes of genomic and epigenomic profiles (e.g.enhancer-gene interactions) during cancer progression. Posted September 11 2020. ... Resume Templates Choose resume template and create your resume. New computational biologist careers are added daily on ▪ Design and administer PharmacoMicrobiomics website ( ), Looking for interdisciplinary scientist with experience in computing and biology to perform scientific data analyses in partnership with Genentech Research and Early Development (gRED) from the Roche Canada office in Mississauga, Ontario. Responsibilities: Designed and created algorithms and approaches to data analysis of genomic data. 459 computational biologist jobs available. MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle) experience is preferred, A Ph.D. in Computational Biology, Immunology, Biomedical Engineering, Bioinformatics or a related field with at least 2 years of relevant experience is required, Strong computational analysis skills and experience with large datasets (e.g. You contribute to BI’s global computational biology infrastructure in collaborations with bioinformaticians and members of IT and external partners in international teams, Recruit top talent to build out group across multiple technical areas, Provide mentorship and guidance to group members as well as people in other departments, Provide technical guidance and insights to group members on most challenging problems, Engage with customers and external developers to encourage expansion of novel approaches to data analysis, resulting in a growing ecosystem of 10x’s products and their wider spread applications, Translate analytical methods and concepts to broader audiences of non-computational scientists, Plan resourcing and budgets across multiple projects and efforts, PhD in quantitative field (e.g. Apply. S/he should have a strong fundamental biology background with statistical computing experience, Excellent communication skills with a demonstrated interest in working on multi-disciplinary teams and collaborative research. Filter by location to see Computational Biologist salaries in your area. your portfolio or a Twitter account. For example, you may be an "Innovative Computational Biologist," a "Dedicated Bio-Organic Synthetic Chemist" or a "Focused Theoretical Condensed-Matter Physicist." My resume can be found here. Currently, I am a marine microbiology graduate student dealing with transcriptomic data. ▪ Collected water samples the project “Sea of Change” on board of the Research Vessel Polarstern supervised by Associate Prof. Ahmed Moustafa and Dr. Klaus Valentin Serve as computational biology lead for project supports on translational and exploratory data … 1. You use methods from network biology or machine learning on large integrated datasets for indication discovery or target prioritization, You carry out data analyses to generate and test hypotheses in the context of new therapeutic concepts in collaboration with scientists from BI’s Therapeutic Areas for Drug Discovery (Cardiometabolic Research, Central Nervous System Research, Inflammation & Respiratory Research, Immune Modulation & Research Beyond Borders) or other members of the Computational Biology group, You contribute to projects during all phases from experimental design to downstream analysis as the computational biology specialist in interdisciplinary teams, You take part in infrastructure development by implementing analysis modules/pipelines (e.g. QIIME) is required, Experience in the integration of –omics datasets (e.g. Company sits at the critical intersection of computational biology, translational neurodegenerative research, and open science. NGS data analysis, Shiny Apps), automation of interactions between infrastructure components (e.g. ▪ Analyzed, assembled and screened fosmid libraries sequences using Newbler, BLAST and HMMER ▪ Thesis: Transcriptomics of Iron Limitation in Phaeocystis antarctica (hdl: 10013/epic.43848 ) analysis of genetic, microbiome, proteomic, metabolomic data) is required, Proficiency in standard analytical platforms (e.g. I blog about aging, genomics, and cutting-edge technologies. Hard skills like these are helpful to have when it comes to performing essential job responsibilities. Alternatively, I seek a full-time job in case I could not finance my studies. Title: Computational Biologist Department: Global IT Solution Center Location: Mississauga Head Office Duration: Full time Project. Add a website below to add it to your resume e.g. 35 Computational Biologist jobs available in La Jolla, CA on Open your resume with a three- to five-word personal headline tailored to the job you're applying for. Tailor your resume by picking relevant responsibilities from the examples below and then add your accomplishments. ▪ Platform: Software Engineering ), Experience in single-cell genomics a significant plus, Strong leadership and organizational skills, Pursue leading systems and clinical immunology research towards key Celgene scientific objectives, including coordination and mentorship of junior staff as required, Integrate data across multiple experimental platforms and transfer knowledge from pre-clinical experiments to clinical trials, Ph.D. in immunology, computational biology, clinical statistics, or related discipline, 6+ years post-doctoral experience in inter-disciplinary computational and clinical research in university, hospital or biotechnology environments, Experience with analysis of large immuno-profiling datasets including gene expression (RNA-Seq, microarray, qPCR) and flow cytometry and associated statistical analyses required, Expertise in machine learning and implementation of various algorithms required, Expertise in algorithmic implementation, statistical programming and data manipulation, using e.g. Research Assistant, AWI , Germany, June—September, 2012 and April—August, 2013 Experience Unix/Linux and distributed high performance compute systems required, Excellent communication and networking ability with internal and external audiences that have a wide range of scientific expertise, A proven ability to work closely with colleagues on complex projects with a high degree of flexibility and comfort with change, Must be able to adapt to unexpected delays and changes in workflows to maintain overall productivity, Experience using clinical data, electronic medical records, and laboratory data for analysis of complex phenotypes is desired, Knowledge of experimental design principles, Management of large genetic studies (n>10,000), Programming/Scripting skills (Perl/Python/Shell/Java), Knowledge of statistical genetics software, You work at the interface between the Computational Biology Group and BI`s Therapeutic Areas for Drug Discovery (Cardiometabolic Research, Central Nervous System Research, Inflammation & Respiratory Research, Immune Modulation & Research Beyond Borders), As Scientist you work in the team for data analysis and bioinformatics infrastructure within the Computational Biology Group on topics from both areas of the team, You establish and develop new analysis strategies in areas such as single cell RNA-Seq, cell deconvolution, DNA methylation. A Wet-Lab Guide to 'what I wish I had known' for Computational Biology **Preface:** I have only been working as a computational biologist for the last 5 months. By applying to this job, you will be considered for all Associate Computational Biologist I (ACB) opportunities across The Broad Institute.Available for Spring 2021 graduates only. - Instantly download in PDF format or share a custom link. My work largely includes the generation, analysis, and integration of genomic and other biological information to understand processes driving genome regulation, disease, and phenotypic variation. Posts. Salaries estimates are based on 50 salaries submitted anonymously to Glassdoor by Computational Biologist employees in Boston, MA. Python, Perl, etc., and of relational databases, Demonstrated ability to work in a team environment and the ability to adapt to the atmosphere of a dynamic research organization, Experiences in the following areas: comparative genomics, structural and molecular bioinformatics, machine learning, and statistical design of experiments, Currently pursuing a graduate degree in computer science, machine learning, bioinformatics, population genetics, statistics, or a related technical field. Expert knowledge and research experience with NGS data analysis in the areas of … ▪ Major: Marine Biology I am a computational biologist affiliated to the Department of Data Sciences and the Department of Medical Oncology at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, and the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard. I am currently a senior researcher at Microsoft Research New England. The candidate should also have an interest in applying new approaches and knowledge to science problems associated with carbon cycling, bioenergy, climate change, and/or the underlying physiological and biological mechanisms governing host-microbiome interactions, Serve as computational biology lead for project supports on translational and exploratory data analysis, Performs advanced analysis of DNA-seq, RNA-seq and other sequencing data in combination with publicly available genomics data by applying unsupervised and supervised machine learning algorithms to extract novel and biologically meaningful information, Method development for translational research, e.g. Fluent verbal and written English language skills are required, Demonstrated experience in applied probabilistic modeling/machine learning, Competent programmer fluent in Unix/Linux, Perl or Python, and R or Matlab or equivalent, Working knowledge and understanding of molecular and cell biology, Basic understanding of molecular profiling, Strong interpersonal, oral, and written communication skills, Previous experience in cancer biology is a plus, As a Director you are overall responsible for leading and managing the research group Computational Biology & Genomics (~20 reports) within the department Target Discovery Research, You will hold the entire responsibility for generation of necessary RNA/DNA-sequencing data using NGS or single cell analysis (internal lab and CRO), statistical and biological analysis and interpretation of internally produced and externally available biomedical data, In your role you will contribute to the generation of New Therapeutic Concepts and discovery of novel biomarkers in collaboration with Therapeutic Areas Immunology & Respiratory, Cardio-Metabolic, CNS-diseases, Cancer Immunology and Research Beyond Borders, You are responsible for setting up and managing a network of external collaborations with the focus on New Therapeutic Concept generation and biomarker discovery, As a Director you are accountable for budget and headcount of the Group Computational Biology & Genomics, You contribute to the coordination of global Computational Biology data and expertise platforms in collaboration with other Boehringer Ingelheim research centers in Vienna (AUT) and Ridgefield (US). Teaching Fellow, AUC , Egypt, September, 2011—May, 2014 iTree: scalable multithreaded phylogenomic pipeline, AUC , November, 2011—August, 2014 Familiar with Linux and parallel computing. Software Developer (with R experience) @ Arlington, Virginia, U.S. Unix, and text mining and parsing (7 years). Get the job interview by using our tools. Community and Compounding Pharmacist , Al-Wadi Pharmacy, Egypt, July—September, 2010 with 4+ or 6+ years of equivalent experience, respectively, Experience with analysis of large immune and disease related gene expression datasets and associated statistical analyses required, Demonstrated experience using R or python with biostatistics such as linear regression and exploratory approaches, such as Principal Component Analysis, Expertise using a wide range of contemporary, open-source informatics tools and database structures in varied computing environments, Excellent verbal and written communication skills. and database (e.g. (5 years), questionnaire construction and validation, SALES/CR – Product demonstration and staging, Segmentation analysis and Classification Techniques. August 2012 – Present. computer science, physics, mathematics, computational/systems biology, or similar), Extensive experience managing teams of scientists and/or engineers from a variety of backgrounds, A strong desire to build game-changing technologies and impact the world of life science research, Experience developing and deploying commercial software products, Experience working closely with assay development groups to build and optimize novel assays and reagents, Hands-on experience working with data from existing NGS platforms (e.g., Illumina, Ion Torrent, PacBio, etc. When writing a Computational Biologist Resume remember to include your relevant work history and skills according to the job you are applying for. with 2-3 years of relevant experience or a relevant technical institute graduate or AA degree, Bachelor’s degree in Bioinformatics, Microbiology, Biochemistry, Biostatistics, Computer Science or Engineering, Background sufficient to carry out interdisciplinary research, particularly related to the analysis of ‘omics data, microbiology and environmental science, and be proficient in one or more scripting languages (Perl, Python), as well as one or more statistical computing languages (R or MatLab). Employer GSK. Start date March 01, 2020 How to Apply. This highly specialized job entails using computers and advanced data analytics software to research biological topics such as genetic sequencing, cellular growth numbers, and protein sampling. We ranked the top skills based on the percentage of Computational Biologist resumes they appeared on. PhD in Computer Science with extensive demonstrated experience in crop systems for data-driven discovery will be considered, At least 5 - 8 years post-graduate experience (including graduate school years) required with experience in an industrial discovery environment highly preferred, Experience in team discovery with knowledge of both plant breeding practices and principles of agronomic investigation highly preferred, Demonstrated experience and proficiency with common programming languages, Demonstrated proficiency in designing and maintaining database systems for discovery platforms (MySQL, Oracle, NoSQL, PostgreSQL …etc), Knowledge of common software platforms and databases for statistical, genetic and genomic discovery. Search for Biologist jobs in Seattle, WA? Resume posted by mariamrizkallah Pharmacist , The National Organization for Drug Control and Research, Egypt, July, 2009 ▪ Categorized and maintained Arabic calligraphy collections Computational Biologist. Determined and utilized effective computational techniques to develop analysis tools. No need to think about design details. Formerly, I was a pharmacist, a software engineer and biotechnologist. Center for Computational Biology Johns Hopkins University Welch Medical Library, Room 101 1900 E. Monument St. Baltimore, MD 21205, USA Education 2009-2014 PhD at CeMM Center for Molecular Medicine / Medical University of Vienna, Austria. The national average salary for a Computational Biologist is $100,272 in United States. You do not need to apply to an individual Associate Computational Biologist I posting if you have applied to … ▪ Developed and expanded iTree using BioPython for deployment on Amazon EC2, supervised by Associate Prof. Ahmed Moustafa. (French and Spanish only beginners level), Spanish and German good / Italian and French basic, - Coursera online course: Mining of Massive Datasets, - Data Scientist training: Big Data Architecture at Fraunhofer IAIS, - edX online course: Introduction to Big Data with Apache Spark, • Lead medium sized teams for Production Support and handle multiple tasks with strong interpersonal, Currentlly serving as a officer in Toasmasters Internationals, Efficient Written and verbal communication, excellent organization and communication skills, Experience in analyzing the Enterprise IOT using big data ecosystem, Geovisualization Tools applied to marine biology, Good Presentation and Communication Skills, implementation resourcing and problem resolution. supervised by Prof. Ramy Aziz genetic and microbiome) for the development of predictive models is preferred, Proficiency in biology/immunology, preferably in autoimmune disease or IBD, and in the biological interpretation of data analysis results is preferred, Expertise in predictive algorithms, biomarker discovery and/or diagnostic development is preferred.R&D, PhD in Agronomy or Horticultural Sciences, with an emphasis on applying computational tools and strategies. You need to sign in or create an account to save. Developed an analysis/database software package to analyze and annotate human EST sequences generated by internal target screening pipeline, as well as to store, track and analyze data from screening and gene expression assays. ▪ Major: Biotechnology Doctoral Student, Alfred Wegener Institute for Polar and Marine Research (AWI) , Germany, July, 2014—Present ▪ Program: Helmholtz Graduate School for Polar and Marine Research (POLMAR) ▪ Introduced to quality control procedures and equipment in microbiology, pyrogen, TLC and HPLC units, DEVELOPMENT PROJECTS predictive modeling for patient stratification and disease indication selection, Integrates genomics, genetics, epigenetics and literature data to strengthen understanding of diseases and treatment perturbations, Utilizes multiple approaches for analyses of genes, pathways and networks, Writes study reports and presents data effectively in all settings and with participants of all levels of the organization, PhD or equivalent in bioinformatics, computational biology, or a related field, with at least 6 years of bioinformatics experience, Very strong programming skills in R, Python, and/or other languages commonly used for bioinformatics analysis. Location: Bremen Bremen, Germany. You use methods from network biology or machine learning on large integrated datasets for indication discovery or target prioritization, You carry out data analyses to generate and test hypotheses in the context of new therapeutic concepts in collaboration with other members of the Computational Biology group or scientists from BI’s Therapeutic Areas for Drug Discovery (Cardiometabolic Research, Central Nervous System Research, Inflammation & Respiratory Research, Immune Modulation & Research Beyond Borders). When it comes to actually writing your resume, here are seven ways to make sure it looks best for the robots who will be reading it. Outstanding masters or undergraduate candidates will be considered, Independent, with a demonstrated ability to work on a team, Outstanding programming and data visualization skills, Solid understanding of human genetics and inheritance, Machine learning and/or statistics experience desired, Previous research experience in bioinformatics or population genetics desired, Basic knowledge of genomics, cancer biology and genetics, Hands-on experience in genomics data analysis, Familiar with basic bioinformatics tools/algorithms such as data normalization, DEG analysis etc, Strong programming skills in R or other languages, Working experience in Linux, cluster, and/or cloud environment, Integrate data across multiple public datasets and platforms to identify new targets, evaluate external opportunities, and influence clinical trial decisions, Apply published computational approaches to generate key insights, Develop or maintain data management workflows, Present and report methods, results and conclusions to a publishable standard, both internally and outside the company where required.

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