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The 5728/1968 Season's Greetings token is dedicated to the IDF, Israel Defense Forces, the Israeli army. Mint condition. One side of the medal bears the design of the "Judaea Capta" Roman coins that were issued following the destruction of the Second Temple and victory of Rome, while the other side depicts a happy mother lifting her baby and an agriculturist planting a tree in the young State of Israel, symbolic of the rebirth of the Jewish people in the Land of Israel.[6]. Official Medals from the State of Israel. 2321 Whitney Avenue, Suite 505. During 2008, it was privatized. $4.99. A State of Israel Memorial Medal paying tribute to Jordan's King Hussein has been announced by the Israel Government Coins and Medals Corporation. In the center: "the stylized number "26" and the words: "State 26th Anniversary" in Hebrew and English. The annual badge of the Israeli state corporation medals and coins. Israel to Issue King Hussein Memorial Medal (Communicated by Israel Government Coins and Medals Corporation) February 8, 1999. The aims of the Corporation are to commemorate historical and national events, scientific accomplishments and achievements of Israel, perpetuate the memory of its outstanding leaders and personalities, highlight its historical sites, preserve its culture and art and give artistic expression to the joyful occasions in Israeli society and lives of the individuals. FOR SALE! # 1) is considered to be Israel's first Government-issued State medal, Israel's real first medal was most probably minted slightly prior to the establishment of the Israel Government Coins and Medals Corporation, also celebrating Israel's Tenth Anniversary of Independence 1948-1958. By Guest Stujoe, July 1, 2005 in Mints. Israel Coins and Medals Corp. was established in 1958 by the Prime Minister Ben Gurion for the purpose of commemorating the historical events and milestones of the State of Israel, as well as its outstanding personalities and achievements in culture, science and art. Supplementary issue, approximately 1970. In 2008, the corporation was privatized, according to a decision made by the Israeli Government, and purchased by G.R.A.S Design Combinations Ltd., following a stringent selection process.[3]. and One Kilogram weights. Only Colnect automatically matches collectibles you want with collectables collectors offer for sale or swap. Published in 1982 by the Israel Government Coins and Medals Corporation. Two time recipients of the medal attach a small medal-shaped clasp to the ribbon. These are modern medals issued by Israel Government Coins and Medals Corporation Ltd., a government-sanctioned corporation commissioned to commemorate national achievements in modern Israel. Israel Coins and Medals Corp. is the body permitted by the Government of Israel to issue the official State Medals of Israel and under an exclusive contract with the Bank of Israel, the Corporation is the exclusive worldwide distributor of the commemorative coins and special banknote issues of the Bank of Israel. Israel Official Coins and Medals, located in Jerusalem's Mamilla Avenue shopping walkway, specializes in Israeli coins and medals, special additions, antique jewelry, and other Israeli fine art, all of which make for superb souvenirs from your visit to Jerusalem. Israel Government Coins and Medal Corporation, Jerusalem, Israel (j) Composition: Silver Edge: Plain/smooth Orientation: Medal alignment ↑O↑ Shape: Circular Rim: Raised. In 2008, it was privatized. The coins in this series picture famous sites in Jerusalem. The medal is attached to a yellow ribbon, a reference to the yellow star that Jews were forced to wear during the Holocaust. Customer reviews. Since its establishment, the Israel Coins and Medals Corp. has maintained its original character and values, as Ben Gurion had envisioned. Two time recipients of the medal attach a small medal-shaped clasp to the ribbon. Established in 1958 by Prime Minister David Ben Gurion, the ICMC produces high quality jewelry, medals and other items made from gold and silver as well as replicas of ancient coins. Find great deals on eBay for israel government coins medals. The medal is minted by the Israel Government Coins and Medals Corporation. The token was issued and mailed to IGCMC subscribers during August/September 1967, towards Rosh Hashanah (Jewish New Year) 5728. In 2012, for the first time, Israel Coins and Medals Corp. issued gold and silver bars with Dove of Peace and Jerusalem designs, for investment and gifts. Israel 1972. החברה הישראלית למדליות ולמטבעות הוקמה בשנת 1958 ע"י ראש הממשלה הראשון, דוד בן גוריון.

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