Matthew Knell: A quick look

Matthew Knell is a 20 year veteran of digital product management, social media marketing, audience development and community building.

In his first run at, he served as a guide and later helped to design one of the first contextual pay-per-click advertising services, which was purchased (along with his patent application) by Google in late 2003.  In his second stint there, he built the enterprise social media, marketing and audience development team, and proffered partnerships with Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Flipboard. These efforts resulted in growth of social traffic by more than 600%.

At JetBlue Airways, he managed day-to-day content operations and digital marketing for, which was responsible for more than $2 billion in annual revenue. He managed partnerships with major travel brands including Expedia and Hertz, managed the web production team and created the first social media strategies for JetBlue, including creating the @JetBlue Twitter with Morgan Johnston in mid 2007.

At MTV Networks, he managed product development, interface design, and client integration of the white label Flux social media platform used by than 30 major MTV Networks and Viacom brands including CMT, Logo, Comedy Central, The Daily Show and Colbert Report.

At CafeMom, he was the Director of Emerging and Social Media Strategy where he designed and executed their first social media marketing and audience development strategies.

At AOL, he lead social media and live digital events strategy, conducted training and defined the first social media reporting frameworks for more than 30 AOL media brands and grew their social audience size by more than 1000%.

At Samsung Electronics America, he lead Social Customer Experience and Community for Samsung’s Customer Care division.

Under his watch, the Samsung Care Community saw a 46x increase in registered users, 84x more user engagement and 366x more annual visits leading to millions of dollars in savings of support costs. The Social Care program saw an increase of 13% in Customer Satisfaction and more than 90% decrease in Initial Response Time.

He currently serves as Director of Customer Experience at Moment, a new New York based company.

 He is a proud graduate of Pace University‘s Seidenberg School of Computer Science and Information Systems.

Matthew Knell has been featured in Advertising Age, TechCrunch, AllThingsD, PR Week, Fast Company, the New York Observer, eConsultancy, Consumerist, Mashable, and Huffington Post Tech.  He is presented at various events including SXSW Interactive, Social Media Week, SocialFresh, MediaPost Publishing Summit, Simply Measured’s =LIFT(Social) Conference, BlogWorld Expo, and TEDx in New York City.  See more clips and articles on the press page.

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