It’s unanimous… Kodak hasn’t handled this well

I had a great opportunity to talk about Twitter Customer Service and Brand Experience at the expertedly organized and amazing BarCampNYC 4, and I found a captive audience for my Kodak story. What’s remarkable to me is that the room was filled with many of NY’s tech elite, the core audience of what Kodak would aim to reach with products like the Zi6 and Zx1, and savvy web consumers, of which the number will only grow. The days of transparency have arrived for good now, and the room agreed that Kodak’s actions were a total fail.   The session was lively and had a lot of great dialogue about brands that are getting it RIGHT, and what consumers are expecting to see going forward from brands on Twitter and in social media.  Many, many thanks to the 20-30 people who took time to be a part of the discussion, and to Frederic Guarino for playing Qik cameraman with his phone.

Note: After this video, I learned that Kodak had indeed deleted all 3000 of my photos from storage. Classy move, Kodak. I don’t think you’ve heard the last of this.


  1. This Kodak attitude is discussing – we should not let them get away with it!

    It is important to keep the word going around as much as possible… Definitely a huge KodakFail

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