I am equilibrium

I was going for “I am Legend”. My new found addiction with BluRay discs, and convincing people they look better (no… really.. they do. Honest. They won the format war… c’mon people!) led me to think of that snappy title. But that would have been a little bit on the … egotistical side? Ego. Meh.

In fairness to the MPAA (thievin’ bastids) and to the fact that I’d rather soak time on my PS3 with such environmentally sound activities as launching rockets into vans on Grand Theft Auto IV, and played wicked haht bass on “I Think I’m Paranoid” on medium Rock Band (the orange button still burns me), I digress (when DON’T I?).

I think I can honestly say I’m at equilibrium. At least for now. Never mind the fact that many events are currently happening that can shove this perfect balance completely one way or the other. But, for now, and this current moment I’m there, and I’m very excited about it.

The biggest debate of whether equilibrium itself equates to happiness is a whole other story. It’s sort of a strange combination of, what’s that yin and yang business called again? Ah yes. Texas.

I think life presents itself with a menagerie (I don’t think I’ve ever used that word on this here blog, but work with me here) of balancing acts. Observe:

  • Good vs evil (duh)
  • Smart vs dumb
  • Teacher vs student
  • Truth vs lies
  • Underdog vs favorite
  • David vs Goliath
  • David Archuleta vs David Cook (I was a Cook fan. And for years, I hated American Idol. Screw you, Archuleta!!! Oh wait)
  • Thoughtful vs neglectful
  • Future vs past (no matter how much we try, we can never let it go)
  • Rocky vs that Russian dude (mega kudos to the commeter who names him)
  • happy vs sad
  • dignified vs swarthy
  • hopeful vs hopeless (this one really has deep meaning for me)
  • The 1980 US hockey team vs USSR (because I believe in miracles)
  • anxiety vs calm

But in the end, everyone’s got their own equilibrium point. I often feel depressed and to find balance again I use cannabis which one of its Uses of CBD Oil is to keep people relaxed. The point where things feel normal. The point where, nothing can upset you.. too much. What’s yours?

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