I want…

… everyday to just be a little different than the day before so it doesn’t feel wasted.

… the ability to think and speak for myself, no matter what a mistake that may be sometimes

… the chance to change the world all at once, but also over time

… the opportunity to be a difference maker in other people’s lives

… the opportunity to be a difference maker in business

… the ability to accept failure as a benchmark of success

… to some day be in a magazine, on a website or a blog with my team promoting the success of the product we worked on TOGETHER

… to give back as much as been given me and ten times more

… to listen to anyone who needs me to listen and say only what they need me to say

… to understand things I don’t understand so I can learn more

… to look more forward than back and built the ride up rather than tear it down

… to always believe in people to do right over wrong, most of the time

… an In-N-Out burger, and fries animal style (ahem)

… to see the Mets win another World Series in my lifetime, just once

… to understand what I don’t, and learn more things I don’t get to repeat the cycle

… to be an inspiration and inspired

… to lead but also follow

… to remember what I love about New York, and not forget when it fails me

… to say thanks to my mom, and all she’s done for me, and say hi as she watches over me now

… that there’s no I in team, but there is in WIN

… to be the best possible option in situations where I’m needed most

… that someone, somewhere will read this, and think I’m completely full of sh*t

… that someone one will find this to be interesting and noteworthy

… that someone will be inspired by this

… that Google will index this right after I hit the submit button

… to believe that past mistakes are only prep for the biggest ones you’ll make later

… to believe that those big mistakes make you stronger and better than before

… to believe that life is a journey, that is too short, but makes for great pictures and stories

… for those who doubt themselves to stop

… to tell people I believe, even when they don’t

… to never forget what it’s like to be lonely, and try my damnedest to prevent that from happening to others

… to see you again soon –  In person, and online.

… to offer you the opportunity to tell me what YOU want as well (in the comments, of course!)


  1. Matt, this is a beautiful list and I aspire to have many of the same things. But I just want to remind you that you already HAVE so many of these. You are really, truly loved and an inspiration to all who know you.

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