Let’s Go Camping

BarCampNYC 4 is coming up in just under two weeks, and I’d just like to take this opportunity to encourage people to go check it out. I had a great time at my first BarCamp in Philadelphia last year, and got to meet a bunch of amazing Philly friends who taught me a lot, shared their experience, and rocked out with!

For those who BarCamp’s are “unconferences” with agendas organized the day of the event by the attendees which allows for the agenda to offer something for just about everyone in attendance. Plus, it’s a great place to network and meet new friends who share the same passions that you do. To learn more about the structure of a BarCamp, check out this primer from the BarCamp wiki.

This year’s BarCamp NYC will be at NYU’s ITP, itself an amazing venue for innovation, and will take place on May 30 and 31st. Admission is FREE, but with admission comes the responsibilty of presenting or participating in a session. Tickets are running out fast, so to sign up, check out their Eventbrite page. If you’ve got a few extra dollars around to help make the event awesome, feel free to donate as much as you can!

I will be there on the second day, and I’m working out a couple of ideas to share with everyone. I sincerely hope to see you all there.

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