Come see me at Social Fresh East!

Excited to be sharing news of my Social Fresh conference debut at Social Fresh East on February 7th in Tampa, FL! I’m honored to be sharing the stage with an esteemed group of social media stars including folks from eMarketer, Nordstrom, Radio Shack and Argyle Social, amongst others.

I’ll be talking about fragmentation in social networks capping off the conference’s second day on February 7th:

Facebook will continue to be the king of social networks for a while, but consumers are still spending an increasing amount of time on more and more social networks. Niche social networks like Instagram, Pinterest, Foursquare, Tumblr and other just to name a few. How does this affect today’s marketer? What skills are needed to maintain a community over so many platforms and media channels?

Hope to see you many of you there! To learn more about the conference and buy tickets, click here.

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