It is…

Never forget. It is, all at once:

  • a lost second, a minute, or an hour, but also timeless
  • a short day, a long day, or something in between
  • predictable and unexpected
  • opportunity, success, failure and rebirth
  • failure and success, at the same time
  • a glance, a stare, a smile, a wink
  • a scowl, a smirk, or indifference
  • being familiar with who you are, who are you were, and who you think others want you to be
  • happy, sad, content
  • tragic, unfair and unrelenting pain
  • frustration and stress
  • hopeful, hopeless, and hoping
  • never scared, never failing, but never there.
  • gracious, grateful and grandiose
  • everlasting, as long as you believe it is.

It is life. And it’s always what you make of it.

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