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A funny thing happened on the way to the iPhone 3g line on Sunday. I changed my mind.

Flashback to a few weeks ago, when the debate was lively about whether or not the upgrade was worth it – especially for me, a first-generation iPhone owner. And, for those of you at home, the debate went something like this:

– 3G network – nice, of course. EDGE can certainly be pokey. But, if there a killer app that requires all of this mobile speed (say mobile SlingPlayer?) – no, not yet. Besides, if I didn’t know the difference, would I really miss it ((and is it worth $120 a year more?). Verdict: Nice to have. Maybe worth upgrading.

– Third Party Apps – well, of course this was an advantage. It made the iPhone something on par with the rest of the smartphone world. A REAL phone. But, I could get this for free. Verdict: vote for keeping first-gen.

– Exchange support – see previous paragraph. Mine for free. Verdict: keep it.

– GPS – sure, another nice to have. But without a killer app here, negliable gain. The cellphone triangulation on the first-generation is good enough for occassional use. Verdict: keep it.

– Storage – max 16gb? WTF? Honestly I’d love to have 32gb or more. The fact that there wasn’t even an option? Epic fail.

If you’re keeping track, that’s 3 votes for keeping it and 1 maybe.

Now for the environmental factors. Many many reports of 3g network issues. Hardware or software aside? That made the last maybe a no. And a responding one at that. Software stability? Not great. Wait in a 3-4 hour line for this? No thanks.

Let me know when they get all of these things figured out, and I’ll hop on. Until then, me and little miss first-gen will be happy together.

And, oh yeah, this whole post was written on my first-gen iPhone using the WordPress app and listening to music the whole time. Didn’t crash once.