Finding something paws-itive in the mail

In the mail lately, I’ve gotten a strange combination of the usual credit card spam (Bank of America, trust me in saying, our relationship will be over as soon as humanly possible), bills, and other things (reminders to tip the building staff). With that also has come birthday cards (thank you), Christmas and holiday cards,… Continue reading Finding something paws-itive in the mail


Courtesy of The Streets’ track “On The Edge of a Cliff”. For billions of years since the outset of time every single one of your ancestors survived every single person on your mums and dad’s side successfully looked after and passed onto you life what are the chances of that like it comes to me… Continue reading Perspective

Protecting the brand that matters most: your own

At a wonderful day at BarCampPhilly yesterday, I was treated to a wonderful day of meeting amazing people in the Philadelphia tech scene, and a bunch of wide ranging sessions, covering the full gamut of technology – playing “Jedi Mind Tricks” to help aid cross-team/function communication,’ learning about the best practices in moving from a… Continue reading Protecting the brand that matters most: your own

You spin me, round, right round, like a record baby

(With an homage to one of theĀ  most addictive 80s UK New Wave synth pop songs… and, by the way, Dead or Alive, is still very much alive…) Circles. In my younger, headier teenage days, my dad would talk about how “everything came back” after a certain amount of time. And, of course, being the… Continue reading You spin me, round, right round, like a record baby


And then it was over. More than twelve weeks, countless IMs, text messages, tweets, blog posts, direct messages, e-mails, phone calls, volunteers, supplies, bus trips, plane trips, Kinko’s runs, first winds, second winds, and third winds (I can’t tell you how much work went in after midnight) led up to the inaugural SM4SC fundraiser in… Continue reading Awesomeness

In case you missed it…

I got a wonderful opportunity to appear on Sun Microsystems’ Socially Speaking radio show on BlogTalkRadio. Thanks to Sun, Russ Castronovo, Margie Easter and Kristin Maverick for giving me the opportunity. Listen here: or check out a permalink to the show.

The best of….

Troy McClure on the The Simpsons 138th Episode Spectacular Too often when bands or TV shows have reached a certain pinnacle, they step back, take a look at what they’ve accomplished, and “mail-in” an episode or an album on the hopes that they’ll fill, I don’t know, minimum requirements for contracts, seasons, or just because… Continue reading The best of….

Where were you when the world changed forever?

(Author’s note: Each year near the remembrance of 9/11, I share this post as a testament to the day itself, it’s events, and the heroes and people we lost in hopes that people will share their stories as well. Please feel free to share your story in the comments. Thank you. -mK) I was sitting… Continue reading Where were you when the world changed forever?