Selling out was easy to do

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So, I sold out.

In record time I might add. Some of you may have read the last post on this blog where I, rather flippantly, mind you, railed against the need to buy a new iPhone. And in the end, the verdict was, and I quote “no thanks”.

So, here we are a few weeks later, and I again am typing a blog post on the WordPress iPhone app, but this time it’s on a white 16GB iPhone 3G. And, yes, it’s mine. So that obviously means between now and then, I bought one (2 actually).

So, what changed?

Supply became available. Rather than waiting 3, 4 or 5 hours (at one of the Apple Stores), or 2 to 3 weeks (by ordering through AT&T), I was able to get on the line at Apple Fifth Avenue, with a voucher guaranteeing me an iPhone within 40 minutes of arriving. No sweating it out. (didn’t hurt that it was a nice day)

The promise of bug fixes was close. Rumors and facts had Apple working on both a point release (2.0.1) and a major release (2.1) imminently. And sure enough, 2.0.1 was released two days later.

The price was right. Even at $299 for a 16GB (and yes the contract), I got a much better phone one year later.

First Gen resale value. If I was going to get any value for my now 8GB iPhone Touches, it would have to be within their window of most value (I.e. Before Apple’s third gen iPhone).

The marketing wins. Apple manufactures demand, and I buy it every time.

So, am I happy? Yes. And it really does more with the little things the unit fixes. Better sound quality. Better speaker. Non-recessed headphone jack. The 3g when it works is awesome. And yes, the fact that I can store most of my music on it again helps too.

Am I a sellout? Sure. But I’m also happy I am – because this is the phone the first-gen should have been.

A man, a plan, a phone, iPhone

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A funny thing happened on the way to the iPhone 3g line on Sunday. I changed my mind.

Flashback to a few weeks ago, when the debate was lively about whether or not the upgrade was worth it – especially for me, a first-generation iPhone owner. And, for those of you at home, the debate went something like this:

– 3G network – nice, of course. EDGE can certainly be pokey. But, if there a killer app that requires all of this mobile speed (say mobile SlingPlayer?) – no, not yet. Besides, if I didn’t know the difference, would I really miss it ((and is it worth $120 a year more?). Verdict: Nice to have. Maybe worth upgrading.

– Third Party Apps – well, of course this was an advantage. It made the iPhone something on par with the rest of the smartphone world. A REAL phone. But, I could get this for free. Verdict: vote for keeping first-gen.

– Exchange support – see previous paragraph. Mine for free. Verdict: keep it.

– GPS – sure, another nice to have. But without a killer app here, negliable gain. The cellphone triangulation on the first-generation is good enough for occassional use. Verdict: keep it.

– Storage – max 16gb? WTF? Honestly I’d love to have 32gb or more. The fact that there wasn’t even an option? Epic fail.

If you’re keeping track, that’s 3 votes for keeping it and 1 maybe.

Now for the environmental factors. Many many reports of 3g network issues. Hardware or software aside? That made the last maybe a no. And a responding one at that. Software stability? Not great. Wait in a 3-4 hour line for this? No thanks.

Let me know when they get all of these things figured out, and I’ll hop on. Until then, me and little miss first-gen will be happy together.

And, oh yeah, this whole post was written on my first-gen iPhone using the WordPress app and listening to music the whole time. Didn’t crash once.