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Courtesy of The Streets’ track “On The Edge of a Cliff”.

For billions of years
since the outset of time
every single one of your ancestors survived
every single person on your mums and dad’s side
successfully looked after and passed onto you life
what are the chances of that like
it comes to me once in a while
and everywhere i tell folk
it gets the best smile

Ben Folds at Terminal 5

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Ben Folds at Terminal 5, originally uploaded by Matthew Knell.

I can think of few people who put on a show better than Ben Folds. I’ve seen him solo and with Ben Folds Five at least half a dozen times now, and I’ve never not had an amazing time. The story of his leaking of his latest album “Way To Normal” is genius. (check it out here from Rolling Stone)

Both the “legitimate” “Way to Normal” and the “leaked” version (which you can find by Googling “Way to Normal leak”) are highly recommended. Go see him if you can – and click on the photo for a few more snapshots from the show on Oct 1.