Protecting the brand that matters most: your own

At a wonderful day at BarCampPhilly yesterday, I was treated to a wonderful day of meeting amazing people in the Philadelphia tech scene, and a bunch of wide ranging sessions, covering the full gamut of technology – playing “Jedi Mind Tricks” to help aid cross-team/function communication,’ learning about the best practices in moving from a… Continue reading Protecting the brand that matters most: your own


And then it was over. More than twelve weeks, countless IMs, text messages, tweets, blog posts, direct messages, e-mails, phone calls, volunteers, supplies, bus trips, plane trips, Kinko’s runs, first winds, second winds, and third winds (I can’t tell you how much work went in after midnight) led up to the inaugural SM4SC fundraiser in… Continue reading Awesomeness

The best of….

Troy McClure on the The Simpsons 138th Episode Spectacular Too often when bands or TV shows have reached a certain pinnacle, they step back, take a look at what they’ve accomplished, and “mail-in” an episode or an album on the hopes that they’ll fill, I don’t know, minimum requirements for contracts, seasons, or just because… Continue reading The best of….

The battle for who could care less

The rapture is coming. And, at the risk of being alarmist, the truth is that it’s coming in a way many of us have never seen. This rapture manifests itself in the battle for the discovery of the self – one fought by historians, psychologists, sociologists, comedians, musicians and ordinary people. The fundamental and most… Continue reading The battle for who could care less

Dear Twitter

Hi. I just wanted to say something’s that have been on my mind for a while, and you know, well, we’re both really busy a lot, and we just haven’t had a time to talk lately, so, let me just come out and say it. I miss you. You’re just not the same anymore. And,… Continue reading Dear Twitter