Finding something paws-itive in the mail


In the mail lately, I’ve gotten a strange combination of the usual credit card spam (Bank of America, trust me in saying, our relationship will be over as soon as humanly possible), bills, and other things (reminders to tip the building staff). With that also has come birthday cards (thank you), Christmas and holiday cards, and sympathy cards as well. It’s certainly a strange mix of emotions – frustration, anger, joy, sympathy, irrelevance, hope.

But in the last few days I’ve received, in a large stack mind you, a large number of sympathy cards from North Shore Animal League, denoting the donations made in memory of my mom. I’ve taken much solace in these cards – my mother was a huge animal lovers, and had donated, and adopted many animals from the people at North Shore, who always have done their best to be helpful, loving, respectful and understanding to pets and their owns. I just wanted to take a second and thank those who took the time out to donate a little something, and while I know your holiday dollar is a little tight this year, to encourage you to donate online now to keep North Shore’s efforts moving forward.

Lance, shown above, would surely approve 🙂

Many thanks go out to (in no particular order):

Melissa Thiessen
Courtney Skay
Tony Bacigalupo
Alexander Gordon
Kieran Hawe and Family
Brian Papa
Marissa and Geoff Lerer
Matt Zarzecki

(If you made a donation, and aren’t reflected here, please let me know and I’ll add you!)

Happy holidays, y’all.

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